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Communication and all that jazz...

Hi, I’m Dave Halls. A professional communicator and jazz musician.

I help people grow their business and careers by equipping them to become great communicators. I use my own approach called the Bullseye! method, which I wrote about in my best-selling book Bullseye! Getting the RIGHT Message to the RIGHT Audience.

The Bullseye! method has been shown through a series of studies to improve communication success and productivity. In fact, it is university validated. As Dr Joe Vitale wrote in the foreword to the book “Bullseye! takes away the mystery of what makes great communication and shows you how to become a great communicator.”

But I don’t just spend my time training and coaching people in communication or consulting for business in communication. I’m also a jazz musician.

I was privileged to be mentored by the late Serge Ermoll, something of an “enfant terrible” of the Sydney jazz scene. He passed on to me what he learnt from playing with amazing jazz players like Dizzy Gillespie, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Sonny Stitt, Jimmy Witherspoon, Ernestine Anderson, Branford Marsalis and a whole lot more…

Perhaps one of the greatest things he taught me was “this is how I play, now you go on and do it in your own inimitable way”. In other words, he showed me the principles but wanted me to use these without losing my individuality.

This has also influenced my approach to coaching, training and consulting in communication. And I’d love an opportunity to help you grow personally as a communicator through my training or coaching programs. So you can grow your business and career.

And I’d be pleased for my band to play at your next event too!

Here’s to your communication (and musical) success!

Dave Halls.


"Dave gave me the best help in business communication I have ever gotten in years"

Miguel Zurita - Business Analyst

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