Get the Dave Halls Band to play at your next event

In addition to playing his original music at concerts and festivals, Dave Halls and his band also plays a mix of jazz standards and original music for corporate functions and wedding receptions.

You can book the band for events ranging from quiet sit-down affairs through to energetic celebrations that finish with exciting dancing! Consider the following packages.


Ideal for a cocktail party, smaller function, or the dinner segment of a reception… the trio option brings you keys, bass and drums. Adds instant class to your event.

Trio + vocals, trumpet, sax or guitar

You can enhance the sound of trio by adding vocals, or another instrument such as trumpet, saxophone, guitar or percussion.

Trio + your choice

Why just add vocals or one instrument when you can beef up the size of your band? This options allows you to add any or all of the combinations above. It is up to you. We can advise you with what we think will work best for your occasion.

Dance band

If you’re after an energetic dance band for your event, you will need to have more than just a trio.

We recommend trio plus guitar, sax or trumpet and vocals. And the option to beef it up with trumpet and sax and percussion. Once we start playing, everyone in the room will want to be up dancing and grooving!

The band’s repertoire contains standard jazz, Latin, Blues and Funk, ideal to cover all wedding reception or corporate function needs. It is also available to play a mix of original and standard tunes at major public events.

Please note that personnel does change in the Dave Halls Band over time. Videos of the band on this web site represents a snapshot of the band at different points in time. When booking the band you may not see the same personnel as you would have seen in one of the videos, but you will be getting the same quality performance that you can see in the videos.

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