Experts say that being a great communicator is
critical for your business success and growth

"Communication is the most important skill any leader can have" - Richard Branson, successful business leader and entrepreneur

“I think people underrate the importance of investing in your communication skills as a way to progress in your career“ - Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, North America

“Your success as an entrepreneur is determined in large part by your ability to communicate.”

...but how do you become a great communicator..?

ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs, leaders and business professionals who are genuinely interested in business growth

Being a great communicator and knowing how to communicate your message is critical for everything you do in business. From marketing and operations right through to leadership.

If you’re an entrepreneur, leader or business professional… you need this skill to get people thinking, feeling or doing the things that are going to help you grow your business. This includes:

  • For entrepreneurs: Persuading potential investors and business partners to join you from successful pitches, leading and inspiring a team, explaining your products and services, instructing your VA or staff to perform critical tasks, and a whole lot more…
  • For business professionals: Articulating your ideas, opinions and instructions for positive results, presenting in person and with PowerPoint, writing content for documents (such as proposals, business cases or project plans) or contributing to the company intranet site, sending emails that people read and respond to, and a whole lot more…
  • For leaders: Developing strategic messaging, inspiring a workforce with your vision, sponsoring change, speaking to staff at company town halls and senior management in meetings, and a whole lot more…
  • For change managers and agents: Creating awareness of the need to change, persuading and inspiring change through intranet sites, videos and meetings, and a whole lot more…
  • For digital marketers: Developing landing pages, marketing emails, blogs, videos, web pages, product descriptions, and a whole lot more…

Without the critical skill of communication, you’re going to find yourself struggling… maybe even watching your business going backwards. Just as research shows…

  • Businesses lose money because of poor communication: $37billion dollars was lost amongst a group of 200 companies in one year alone (Holmes Report)
  • Internal projects fail because of poor communication:  30% of projects fail because of this(Project Management Institute)
  • Businesses fail to make critical changes: without frequent and open communication (Prosci’s 2016 benchmark report lists this as a top contributor to change success)

*See below for the sources for these references

But if you’re like most people you don’t need to be told all this. You know from experience how important it is to become a great communicator in business …even if you struggle to know how to do this.

Whether it’s crafting a message that speaks directly to your target audience for the results you need… choosing the best medium for your message… optimising that message for your medium… it can be overwhelming.

Yet the business world continues to demand more from those who wish to excel.

Today's business climate expects you to communicate well across all media

We’re all expected to be great communicators even if we don’t know how. Whether we are an entrepreneur, leader or business professional. We need it to market our products and services, maintain and improve operational efficiencies and lead teams.

And we’re not just expected to craft tightly focused messages… but we need to be masters at delivering these across all media… paper, online, video, audio and more…

So it’s not enough to be brilliant at explaining your ideas in person but lousy when it comes to putting those ideas on paper. Or confident at delivering a message to camera but really lame in articulating that same message on an audio conference call (where you can’t use or read body language to help your delivery). Or great with emails but poor with blogs… You need to be great at crafting a purpose driven message and successfully delivering across any media.

Or in other words…

You’ve got to be a master communicator.

Further… you can’t just rely on the act of churning out loads of messages and comms that sound, look or read great to be effective. (How many businesses think that by sending an email out they’ve passed on their message?) Instead, you need to know how to create comms that engage your audience. In a way that gets them to consume it and respond how you want them.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to use your communication powers to attract people to your idea, understand the concept, persuade investors to buy in… As a leader, you need to engage your team in a way that makes them want to work harder for your vision… As a business owner, you need to make sure your marketing messages and content are working hard for your profits. And as a business professional, you’ll want to share your ideas effectively on paper or in meetings that influence people to make the best decisions.

That’s what’s expected of us today. And that’s what being a great communicator is all about.

So what can you do – apart from “winging it” and blindly hoping for the best every time you create an email, give a talk, speak to camera or write a blog..?

You can’t use the last presentation, email or briefing that went wrong as an excuse that you’re not up to communicating your message. Or look to others because you sense that they’re naturally great communicators and you’re not. (No matter how great they are!)

The simple fact is to grow your business success as an entrepreneur, leader or business professional… you need to become a great communicator.

But how?

Hi, I'm Dave Halls.

I’ve been helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and business professionals improve the quality of their comms for over twenty years. And whilst I’ve seen a lot of great business people who fear messaging… I’ve also seen that people that were a lot less than average make strategic changes and become great communicators.

In  a way that attracts more work, improves operations, and leads teams better.

I can tell you anyone can become a great communicator and use this critical skill to grow their business success.

  • Having been a business coach for over 20 years, I know that Dave Halls methodology is the best way for companies and individuals to increase their success 200%. His approach is scientific, down to earth and creates real results. Start using his communication strategies today!

    Dr Todd Eller, PhD Professor, Los Angeles College District
  • Your approach to structuring written and verbal communication is something I now use all the time. I can’t thank you enough, and I would recommend your instruction to anyone seeking to improve their written or verbal communication skills.

    David Lambdin Senior business consultant
  • I recently attended a workshop on Writing Skills presented by Dave Halls. He came across to me as someone who conveys with empathy and purpose not only through his in-depth knowledge on writing skills but also through his verbal communication. His presentation were quite “Laser focused” on purpose interspersed with relevant examples. Techniques like mind maps and lists were well used. This training provided me valuable insights into the art of writing and got some tangible learnings from his workshop. I also plan to read his book Bullseye to enhance my learnings from the training. I recommend his training to anyone seeking to be effective in written communication.

    Param Trichur Senior Business Analyst
  • My peers said to me I was doing it all wrong until I was the first one getting help… I was lucky to attend Dave’s workshop several days before I had to deliver a major presentation to a large number of difficult customers. It was a PowerPoint presentation from my manager that I had to show to these people… the kind that could put you to sleep while drinking coffee. What could I do? With Dave’s methodology and professional tips, I was able to strip the presentation down to the bones without losing the core message. Then build it up into a powerful presentation. Dave gave me the best help in business communication I have ever gotten in years Whether you are a new or seasoned presenter, I strongly recommend you learn from Dave Halls. Either in person at his workshops or from his book Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience.

    Miguel Zurita Business Analyst

You can - and need to - become a great communicator

Yet there was a time when people used to think that you either had a gift of being a naturally great communicator – or you didn’t. And there was nothing you could do about it.

But that’s old school thinking.

Here’s a simple fact: anyone can develop themselves to become a great communicator. Someone who can develop powerful messaging, content or general communication that get real, tangible, business results. It’s totally within reach for anyone. And that includes you!

Think of the great communicators you’ve seen in business and then ask them for a video of their first turn at a lectern… or their first video message… Chances are that they won’t let you see it because it is too embarrassing. (Even though they’ll keep a record because it shows them how much they’ve improved over the years…)

The point is that great communicators didn’t become that over night. They did this over many years with plenty of failures and great lessons. If they started off poorl and become great, so can you.

But here’s the problem.

Not everyone knows how to become a great communicator. To become someone who can craft a tight, effective message for their target audience…. that gets the audience to think, feel or do something… and that uses the best possible medium to drive that message and its results home.


Because whilst everyone out there is telling you what they need to do when it comes to communication… they’re not telling you how.

And even if you do find someone who tells you how to communicate, well… they’re mostly focusing one mode…

That’s why you see books on how to give a great speech… How to write a great proposal or technical document… How to look good on video… How to write great copy for your landing page or marketing email… But you don’t see books with a single method that shows you how to be successful in your communication regardless of your media.

And besides knowing how to become a great communicator, where it’s all about getting the right message to the right audience (and not just about the medium)… you also need a single method that can help you across all the different media.

And that’s where I come in.

How You Can Become A Great Communicator

I help entrepreneurs, leaders and business professionals increase their business success by helping them improve the quality of their communication.

I show them the steps to becoming a great communicator so that they grow in their craft and stand out from others. I help them down that path to successful communicator. And I help them make those steps and overcome any obstacles.

My method is different than most because it focuses on how to create a message that supports a business objective first… then how to deliver that message successfully. It’s about taking control of the key elements that affect the success of any kind of marketing, operational or leadership piece of communication. And using those elements in the right sequence to maximise communication success and productivity. It’s also about developing the right communicator’s mindset that will fuel your growth and ultimate success.

This method has been studied and proven to increase communication success and productivity. It is also university validated and used to teach incoming professors at the largest college district in the US how to increase their communication success.

Today’s business climate requires you to be great at talking to camera, delivering speeches or presentations, writing documents and emails, and artiuclating your ideas in audio only. You can’t afford to be a specialist  in one delivery method and flounder in others.

That’s why my method helps you become a great communicator who craft a tight, purpose driven message for a specific audience first… and who can then comfortably adjust that message across whatever medium is best for your message.

As a great communicator, you’ll be able to create marketing comms, operational documents, sales documents like proposals, and powerful messaging that with inspire people and build your leadership authority.

So how do you become a great communicator in your business or field?

Mindset, framework and workflow

You need to work at three things: mindset, framework, and workflow.

Having the right workflow is important because it can save you time and increase your success in a consistent manner. Having a simple set of steps that force you to think about the right elements at the right time is critical.

But how can you be sure your workflow is right? By having a clear understanding of the framework.

Framework is a way to understand how great communication works. It allows you to see the universal principles and laws.  But knowledge and a workflow – as good as they are – are powerless to get you the best results unless you have a mindset.

Not any kind of mindset, but a communicator’s mindset.

A communicator’s mindset helps you see things in a way that will help you communicate a message better, improve the growth mileage out of positive and negative experiences, and actively grow better at your craft each day. It is the turbo charger to your understanding and method.

Are you interested in becoming a great communicator who can use communication as a powerful tool to build, grow or excel their business? Then you’ll want to make sure you get these three things right if you’re serious about success.

Interested in getting started?

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Here's to your communication success!

Dave Halls

Communication coach, trainer and consultant, and author of the best selling book Bullseye! - Getting the RIGHT Message to the RIGHT Audience.

*Research into communication (including references quoted earlier) are found here.

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